My name is Mary Schuler

and I’m running for Selah School Board

     •   Safety Concerns:
            o  Transgender locker rooms and bathrooms
            o  Drugs/vape pens
            o  Assaults to students, teachers, and school staff
            o  Sexual assaults
            o  Weapons
            o  Dress code violations without repercussions
            o  Policies/procedures not being followed
     •   Education Curriculum:
               o  Fictional subject matter taught
               o  Critical Race Theory – All lives matter!
               o  Lack of transparency
               o  Board accountability
               o  Parent support
     •   Actability (school board have cell phones w/3 days to get back to parent vs. parent having to make appointment with Superintendent)
     •   Respectability

I am proposing the following solutions:

     •   Transgender bathrooms (gender born with shall be locker room/bathroom used)
     •   Dress code policy letter sent home to parents letting them know that the students will be sent home if dress code violated
     •   School Board website to show current policies and when policies revised, letters to be sent home notifying parents of changes (i.e transgender               bathroom policy); policies to be easily located on website
               o  Sex Ed curriculum accessible with images, and giving parents a choice whether to opt in
               o  All curriculum easy accessible for parents to review
    •   Install metal detector at the high school to detect if student is carrying a vape pen or weapons
    •   Seek Selah Youth Center funding
    •   Seek funding to make sports free and available for all
    •   Seek funding for activity water splash pad
    •   Resource Center (i.e. Youth at Risk, Kinship Navigator, free parenting classes, Scared Straight Program-speakers come talk to middle school kids)

Please vote for me because I believe in this country, and I believe in you having the right to be heard! The community, parents, Selah School staff, and students’ concerns need to be heard. I will be available to listen, and I want to be your advocate. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at

Vote for me because I believe in this country, I believe in You, and I believe in You having the right to be heard! Your voice, Selah School staff, and your student’s safety need to be Heard. You can be heard through me.

Thank you for your interest and please vote for me! I will be your Voice! If you have questions, I can be reached at

If we are to preserve this great country, our schools must reject toxic ideologies based in cultural Marxism, such as critical race theory (CRT) and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and return to a merit-based system. Schools should be focused on teaching essential subjects such as Math, English, and History! I am running because I want to address the following concerns I have for our schools: